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Montserrat Travel


8 days, 7 nights of Dance & Nature… Choose Your Own Adventure!


Lovers of dance, adventure, nature and travel themselves, the directors of Chez Mango Villa and MetaMovements came together with a common vision.  The goal was to create a way for dancers to enjoy the ultimate MetaMovements dance retreat in paradise, WITH their loved ones who don’t dance!  


With our unique model, dancers can dive deep into the training they crave, while also enjoying excursions and spending time in nature with their travel-partners. Those who aren’t training intensively will experience more incredible island activities, and learn some fun dance moves in the evenings if they choose. Each traveler will decide what makes the perfect retreat experience for them!  



Next Program: Fall 2023

MetaMovements in Montserrat

  • Brought to you by the directors of Chez Mango Villa and MetaMovements

  • 8 days, 7 nights of Dance & Nature… Choose Your Own Adventure!

  • Add on a special MetaMovements Dance Intensive to round our your experience



Program Details

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Your Lodging

Our home in paradise is Dr. Gary Morton’s beautiful Chez Mango Villa. All suites have their own bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, & living space, and all have high-speed internet, roku and cable.


The Villa has a pool, hottub, gym, multiple decks and lounge spaces, and is enveloped in tropical fruit trees.  It is a 5-minute walk to a secluded black sand beach, and to small-town stores and kiosks, as well as a sports activity field.

Your Host

Dr. Gary Morton lives between his two beloved homes:  Boston & Montserrat. 


He truly enjoys entertaining his guests, providing them with the best amenities, and introducing them to his dear friends and neighbors.  He, his staff and his family will make your stay special by providing all that you need to have an incredible time, and sharing the hidden treasures of their personal paradise with you!

Other Travel FAQs


Payments on the Ground


  • We recommend bringing Cash 

  • You can also use cashapp, venmo, and zelle

  • Many activities or purchases do not offer refunds… although some may offer transfers

Getting There

  • At this time, the way you will get to Montserrat is on a hopper flight from Antigua.  The flight is short and beautiful!  Cost is about $200 Round Trip, and it’s best to book AFTER you have confirmed your flights to and from Antigua.

  • Prices will vary for getting to Antigua depending on where you are traveling from.  We have seen prices below $100 from cities like Atlanta, Orlando and more… basically places that are hubs for low cost airlines.  From Boston tickets average $400-600 Round Trip.

  • When you arrive in Antigua, it will usually be midday or early afternoon

  • Usually you would take the 4 or 5 pm flight to Montserrat, but you want to allow some time… for example, if you arrive at 2:30, take the 5pm flight

  • When leaving Montserrat, we recommend that you schedule flying out of Antigua late that afternoon so you can take the 11am flight out of Montserrat. If you need an earlier flight, that is also possible.  Please feel free to ask for help for booking.

  • You could also decide to spend a night in Antigua on either end of your voyage.  If you are there 24 hours or less between flights, there is no entry tax.  If you are there for longer, it’s $35.

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