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Cuba Travel



July/August 2024

Begins Sat, July 27, 2024

Summer "Cuban Dance Intensive” 

  • Presented by MetaMovements

  • Featuring cultural exchanges with Danza Contemporánea de Cuba, ViaDanza, Los Fundadores, & more!

  • 8 & 15 day program options available

  • This is a legal full-time program, complying with all U.S. Travel Regulations

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August 2024

Begins Wed, August 7, 2024

"Cuban Music & Dance Adventure"

  • Presented by MetaMovements and Travel Through Music!

  • Featuring cultural exchanges with ViaDanza, La Colmenita, Los Fundadores, & more!

  • Six day program

  • This is a legal full-time program, complying with all U.S. Travel Regulations


Begins Sat, Jan 4, 2025

Winter "Cuban Dance Intensive” 

  • Presented by MetaMovements

  • Featuring cultural exchanges with Danza Contemporánea de Cuba, ViaDanza, Los Fundadores, & more!

  • 8 & 15 day program options available

  • This is a legal full-time program, complying with all U.S. Travel Regulations

Cuba Dance 3.jpeg

Spring 2025

Dates Coming Soon

"Unity Trip with Oro Dance Company"

  • Presented by MetaMovements and Oro Dance Company!

  • Featuring cultural exchanges with local Cuban partners

  • This is a legal full-time program, complying with all U.S. Travel Regulations


Spring 2025

Dates Coming Soon

"Unity Trip with From Boston With Love"

  • Presented by MetaMovements and From Boston With Love!

  • Featuring cultural exchanges with local Cuban partners

  • This is a legal full-time program, complying with all U.S. Travel Regulations


Available Year Round

Customized Cuba Programs

  • Presented by MetaMovements & you!

  • Customized program with cultural exchange activities that complies with U.S. Travel Regulations

  • Access to experts in dance, music, language, culture, history and other points of interest

(click on each tab to learn more)

Dance & Music Instruction


One of the highlights of our trips is seeing how each traveler’s skills elevate in such a short time!  Our programming includes the history of the genres taught, as well as the essential connection between the music and the dances. Some workshops will take place in a studio, some in a home, and others out in nature - all with highly skilled instructors from Havana! Workshops are often divided into levels or styles as needed, to ensure maximum enjoyment and learning for all, and our curriculum and pedagogy have been developed over years to help you realize your potential. Each trip offers a unique and personalized opportunity to advance in your music and dance goals, learning both in a class setting as well as in outing with your instructors!


Cultural Exploration


Not only will you have the opportunity to grow your music and dance skills while in Havana, you will also have the chance to count some of the most thrilling experiences in the city among your adventures!


From exploring the historic streets and plazas of Old Havana, to learning about the world-famous classic cars that Cuban mechanics miraculously keep running, you will be enchanted by the electric aura of the city.


The arts come alive through curated outings such as uplifting dance & music performances or visiting artists’ homes and galleries.  You will also get to take your new skills out on the town when you attend cultural events with your instructors, testing out your new moves in an enthralling environment!

Personalizing Your Experience

While our travelers love our group workshops and cultural activities, they also love the fact that each day they have additional time to do things on their own or with just a few friends. 

Whether it’s taking a private lesson or scheduling a photo shoot, a deep tissue massage or exploring the city in a 1950’s convertible… you will share your hopes and ideas with us, and we will come up with an array of exciting options!


In Cuba, Google is often inaccurate, and making online reservations often doesn't work out. Our team on the ground will make it all possible, through their networks of contacts, and knowing who to call or where to go to find what you are looking for… or something even better than you had imagined!

Many things work best when planned in advance, so we will ask you about your interests and goals when you register, and will follow up with you when we have some recommendations you might enjoy.  You can also make requests on the ground, and we will do our best to support you! (Although some things may not be possible without some pre-planning).

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Lodging, Meals, & Transportation

  • Lodging in shared rooms in comfortable Casas Particulares (or upgrade to single room)

  • Daily breakfast (Includes fresh fruit, coffee or tea, toast, eggs & juice)

  • Group Meals (amount of meals are listed in your specific trip page)

  • Transport to & from Airport if you arrive in time for the scheduled transport (or request taxi)

  • Transport TO all program activities, and home where listed. (When we do not include a taxi home, it's so that you have the freedom & flexibility to choose the time you wish to leave.)

MetaMovements Support Package


  • A pre-departure briefing, travel preparation & consultation (including packing & spending advice, and Cuba travel tips).

  • Knowledgeable & friendly hosts who will meet with you each day to assist you with special requests and communicate updates to you regarding your schedule. 

  • 24-hour assistance available in the case of emergencies.

  • Consultation on how to fulfill & document US legal requirements.

MetaMovements Program Activities


  • A full-time schedule of activities that fulfills U.S. & Cuban regulations as well as your personal goals and requests (Includes 6-8 hours per day of activities that fit this license category, plus the additional requests you make for your add-on requests)

  • Assistance in coordinating add-on requests

  • Dance & music workshops each morning with incredible instructors (plus add-on options for those who want more!)

  • Evenings of dance & music with Cuban hosts

  • Opportunities to experience multiple types of live music or dance performances

  • Cultural Exchanges with partners such as Los Fundadores, ViaDanza, La Colmenita, & More! 

  • Our popular, interactive performance showcasing the history of Cuban Music & Dance

  • Time to explore Old Havana & even ride in one of the quintessential antique cars! 

  • Add-on opportunities for private instruction & small group intensives with excellent instructors that will take you to a higher level in just a few sessions! 

Schedule Guarantee: The schedule in Cuba is always subject to change, but the regulations are clear that you must complete a full program, regardless. In the event of an in-country schedule change, we will arrange or provide options for activities that will fulfill US regulations as well as meet your interests & goals.  All dance & music add-ons booked in advance will be included in your final schedule.

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Special Features
  • Learn about how everything–from antique cars to musical instruments–stays working beautifully with scarcity of supplies in a humid climate, thanks to the human touch!

  • Learn about daily life for artists and entrepreneurs, how they got started in their careers, what inspires them, and their hopes and dreams for the future.

  • Visits to many beloved points of interest in Havana such as artists' studios, 1830 and Malecon!

  • Explore the African roots in music, dance, art and other aspects of Cuban culture

What's Not Included:
  • Flights ​(We can make recommendations at no cost or book your flights for you for a $45 fee)
  • Visa (Purchased through your airline)
  • Any extra activities, transport, food or drinks

  • Tips & Gratuities (For local servers, bartenders, artists, instructors, hosts, drivers, house-keepers.)

  • ​​Guaranteed roommate for each traveler (If you sign up with a roommate and both request each other, we will put you together! If you are traveling solo, we can check if there is someone else who wants a roommate, or you will need to select the single upgrade!)


How do Payments on the Ground Work?

  • In Cuba you cannot use U.S. credit cards, debit cards, travelers checks, ATMs, or electronic payment systems like venmo or paypal due to U.S. regulations.

  • We recommend bringing cash for additional expenses you may have on the ground. We will help you exchange your dollars for Cuban pesos after you have arrived in Havana. There is not a legal way to do this in the US.

  • We will help you request, reserve and pay for many things before your trip to ensure availability and so you don’t need to carry as much cash with you.

  • Many activities or purchases do not offer refunds… although some may offer transfers.

What Should I Keep in Mind When Booking My Flights? 

  • We recommend selecting your flights to arrive/depart in time for (at least 1 hr before/after) our scheduled transport, so that your airport transfers are included in your travel package.​

  • Once you register for a trip, we will send you information about recommended flights from your city of origin that align with our scheduled airport pick-up and drop-off times.

  • We welcome travelers who need to arrive or depart at different times and will support you in setting up a private taxi and additional nights of lodging to accommodate the best flight options. 

How Should I Chose Which Trip to Go on?

  • Many of our travelers choose their trips based on the dates that work best for them!

  • Some travelers select trips based on their content-- some trips are more focused on intensive training in a specific style, while others offer more of a sampling-- by looking at what will be central to each trip, you can decide which one is most aligned with your interests

  • Some of our group trips are run during the "off season" for the Caribbean (June-August), and we are able to secure discounted rates for things like lodging and transportation. It's off season for a reason - it gets quite hot and, while all lodging has AC, most dance studios do not). If you are excited about the health benefits of training in the heat and/or are comfortable adventuring in the heat, this could be a more affordable option!
    All seasonal discounts are reflected in the prices listed on individual trip pages

  • In some cases, if our group travel dates don't align with your schedule or if you're seeking a more personalized experience, custom trips can be the right option!


This experience has exceeded expectations by far, it was undiluted and a deep dive cultural exchange that has me yearning for more. The workshops were very robust, diverse and engaging on many levels...the sharp, and resonant clicking sound of the clave has penetrated my soul...[the next trip] can't come soon enough..
-- Majieda A.
This experience inspired me to become not only a better dancer, but also a better human being. The music and the dancing can compare to nothing that I've ever experienced before and the bond we formed within the group and with the team in Cuba is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I recommend this trip to anyone with a pulse!
-- Kennia R

From the moment I stepped off the airplane in Havana, Cuba, I found myself immersed in Cuban culture. On my first day, I found myself dancing Rumba and other traditional folkloric dances in the streets of Havana with the people, enjoying traditional Cuban meals, and learning about the history of Cuba directly from the locals. It was such an incredible experience to be a part of the culture that gave birth to modern-day Salsa music and dance.


-- Jennifer E.

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