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CUltural Connections


Given the current uncertainties surrounding the Covid crisis and travel in general, MetaMovements is not offering organized group travel programs through 2021.

If you are interested in individual or small group travel,

we can connect you with a fantastic team of artists who are available & excited to help plan a memorable travel experience to the Dominican Republic.




We are an entrepreneurial Artist Collective dedicated to using the arts as a tool for positive transformation. In addition to teaching, performing, and leading community arts projects, we also host cultural exchange tours that bring people together for memorable, uplifting experiences in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, the U.S., and other locations. To create the most unique and authentic opportunities for cultural exchange, we collaborate with artists and consultants who are native to each location ... making sure we have the expertise to provide the best experience for all of our travelers!




In 2016, MetaMovements brought Alfred Pena’s Rhythmology Dance School from Long Island to Cuba for our New Year’s Eve cultural exchange program.  Alfred and his school were so inspired that we decided to collaborate on a new project in the Dominican Republic. Given the country's rich cultural history that has led to some of today's most popular Latin social dances (and the fact that Alfred is from the DR himself); it was a natural next phase in the expansion of our mission.




Just as we've built relationships through dance and music in Cuba... we are now collaborating with local artists in Santo Domingo and Las Terrenas to do the same in the DR. Today, MetaMovements, Rhythmology, and our local partners have curated a special experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture -- while improving your dance skills! Our programs have something for everyone: whether you are a beginner just starting to take classes, a professional dancer or musician, or simply a lover of the arts.


This is NOT your typical DR vacation. 

If you want to do NOTHING but lay on the fabulous beaches in the DR, GREAT ... but that's not our program.


If you want to have an eye-opening experience, connect with the people, the island, its history, and its natural beauty in a truly unique way...  if you want to witness the arts & entrepreneurship having a positive impact on local artists and their communities... if you want to take part in creating a sustainable form of tourism that provides jobs and professional development opportunities to a fantastic group of artists, then you are in store for an adventure you won't forget!


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