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travel with metamovements

Explore your passion for dance, music, and travel on a MetaMovements adventure! We offer authentic travel experiences for dance enthusiasts and cultural explorers. Our curated journeys are guided by skilled dance instructors and local experts who infuse each step with history, rhythm, and adventure.


Join one of our upcoming travel groups or craft a custom trip for your dance school, family, friend group, or as an individual. With MetaMovements, you’ll discover the joys of cultural immersion while forging lasting friendships and elevating your dance skills to the next level.


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Looking to learn & explore in one of the most culturally rich and unique cities in the hemisphere? Then this trip is for you!

Next Group Trip: 

March 2024


Spend your days & nights with our team of amazing dancers/instructors from Santo Domingo & Las Terrenas.

Next Group Trip: 

June 2024


We have led trips to Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Montserrat, and New York! Stay tuned for our next special location!

Next Group Trip: 

Spring/Summer 2024


We are an entrepreneurial Artist Collective dedicated to using the arts as a tool for positive transformation.


In addition to teaching, performing, and leading community arts projects, we have also been hosting cultural exchange programs for over 25 years, bringing people together for memorable, uplifting experiences in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, the U.S., and other locations!


To create the most unique and authentic opportunities for cultural exchange, we collaborate with artists and consultants who are native to each location ... providing the best experience for all of our travelers!




Our collaborations create special experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in the culture of each destination -- while improving your dance skills and having an amazing time, and building new friendships! Our programs have something for everyone: whether you are a beginner just starting to take classes, a professional dancer or musician, or simply a lover of the arts.
If you want to have an eye-opening experience, connect with the people, the location, its history, and its natural beauty in a truly unique way...  if you want to witness the arts & entrepreneurship having a positive impact on local artists and their communities... if you want to take part in creating a sustainable form of tourism that provides jobs and professional development opportunities to a fantastic group of artists, then you are in store for an adventure you won't forget!


-- Leah W.
Every aspect of the trip was beautifully planned and executed. Our fellow students were sincere and interesting.  I would heartily recommend this experience for anyone wanting to learn more about the creative use of Dance and Art in Education and Mental Health.
-- Leah W.
To interact with the dancers as a student and to experience how joyous I felt when I had good interactions with them or when they would compliment my dancing, I felt like a little kid receiving a compliment, it made me light up.  That experience is completely relevant to my teaching in helping me to remember how to approach my students, to remember to be kind, be in the moment, and to remember to convey a positive attitude because it was so impacting to me. 
-- Dr. F. Towne

Anara and her team worked so hard and yet they made it all look so easy and seamless.  They… did everything within their power to make our trip the awesome journey that it was. The guides were so knowledgeable that every bus ride became a deep educational experience… Every group we met exhibited joy in exchanging ideas with us, and show casing the rich culture they possess.  


-- Jim L.

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