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Frequently Asked Questions!

We hope that this information will help to answer some of your questions about our trtavel programs and destinations! If you are still looking for additional information, feel free to send us an email using the form below!

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  • Which flights do you recommend?
    Although other airline options are available, multiple people have had poor experiences with Spirit Airlines. Due to the changing weather potentially causing delays and cancellations in the Caribbean we recommend choosing a direct connection whenever possible. You will fly to SDQ airport, Las Americas airport in Santo Domingo.
  • Is it safe in Las Terrenas?
    Las Terrenas is one of the safer places in the DR, however we do like to maintain a buddy system (especially at night) to ensure people do not walk alone.
  • I don’t speak Spanish, can I still take privates/get around?
    Absolutely! Some of the DR artist also speak some English and we have even had privates between participants and artists that did not speak the same language. If you prefer to book privates with artists that speak English, please let us know when you inquire so we can match you accordingly
  • Who can I take privates with and what are their specialties?
    All of the DR artist are extremely knowledgeable in a variety of dance styles and can adjust to your level. If you are interested in working on anything particular, please let us know and we can match you with an artist, based on your preferences and their availability. The longer you wait to book, the more their schedules fill up, so make sure to inquire early to get the artist of your choice!
  • I don’t want to do private lessons, what can I do during all of my free time?
    You’ll find that time flies in DR! Between workshops, getting food and a visit to the beach or the pool here and there, you’ll find that the days fill up quickly. Some choose to do some shopping in town as there are a lot of shops with souvenirs and clothes. And in many cases people decide to do a few privates after all after meeting with the artists!
  • What accommodation will we be staying at?
    Depending on the number of participants and their preferences, we stayed at apartment hotels before, or at a large villa with multiple rooms. All will be in the center of Las Terrenas close to the beaches, bars and restaurants
  • What is animacion?
    Animacion is an activity where everyone lines up on the dancefloor to follow and copy the moves of the person in front. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to get everybody moving!
  • What is the style and level of the workshops?
    Throughout the trip various dance styles might be taught, including bachata, Cuban salsa, afro, Merengue, Dembow. It depends on the preferences of the group as well, so please let us know what you’d like to see and learn! In terms of level, we started implementing a beginner’s course focusing on fundamentals, like bodymovement and timing for those wanting to focus on those concepts. That way folks can choose their workshop based on what they’d like to learn/their level.
  • How much does one spend on average besides flight and program fee?
    Many choose to add private lessons to their package ($150 for 3 privates). Food and drinks costs range depending on your choice of food (street/take out vs restaurant) and amount of alcohol consumed (could be under $50 a day or more). Tip for the dancers and staff is at your own discretion but usually ranges between $100-300 for the entire trip. Other expenses may include gifts or an occasional taxi although most venues are within walking distance of our accommodation.
  • What does an example program schedule look like?
    A rough schedule may look like the following (note this is just an example, subject to change depending on group size, availability of instructors and venues)
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