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MAY 21-31,2020

Bachata Paradise is an international festival that takes place in beautiful Las Terrenas -- which also happens to be the home of MetaMovements’ Artist Development Program “MMRD”. Las Terrenas is internationally renowned for its natural beauty, from its pristine beaches to its towering mountains, and it has grown from a tiny rural town into a small city, with a diverse and welcoming community full of independent restaurants, hotels, artists and water sports enthusiasts. It has become increasingly recognized for its dancing, making “Bachata Paradise” the perfect name for a fabulous festival in this amazing place! In addition to providing awesome workshops, parties and tons of fun, the festival prides itself on creating a cultural experience like no other… supporting the local economy and connecting to artists who are truly passionate about sharing their love of traditional bachata and the joys of social dancing.

The members of MMRD have created a unique travel experience for dancers and non-dancers alike, with off-the-beaten-path programs that are described as uplifting, eye-opening and life-changing by past travelers.  Participants advance rapidly in their dancing, while building friendships that will last a lifetime, and joining our on-going celebration of the past, present and future of the music & dances we love.


  • Experienced bachateros want to take their dancing to a higher level and love being part of a community

  • Beginner dancers who want to learn as quickly as possible through an immersive experience

  • Travelers who want some dancing -- attending a few classes, shows & parties, and being part of the group, but also want to try other activities like Spanish lessons, water sports, and relaxing on the beach.


About Bachata Paradise

May 21-31, 2020

(4/7/10 day options available)


Join us at this fabulous festival with our special discount! 

In addition to having full access to the workshops, parties and shows, the festival includes lodging, 2 meals/per day, airport transfers, excursion/activities in nature, and other surprises.


  • Roundtrip Airport transfers from Santo Domingo to Bachata Paradise in Las Terrenas

  • Beach Parties, pool parties, live music, workshops, and performances!

  • Shared Lodging (luxury & private upgrades available)



Packages range from $699 - $1699

($550-$1499 Packages are SOLD OUT)    

depending on the type of accommodations you select and length of time you choose to stay


Be a part of our MetaMovements crew -- and support our Artist Development Program!


In addition to being part of this fantastic festival, we're really excited to be able to invite you to be a part of our crew when you purchase our Insider Access Package!

By purchasing this package, you’ll stay in a hotel with the other members of our group, have special access to private activities & workshops, and additional support from our team before, during and after the program, as well as any extra days should you wish to stay longer.


Insider-Only Activities  Build a strong bond with top Dancers in Las Terrenas & Santo Domingo and their friends -- laying the foundation for even more fun during the parties at night! 


  • Enjoy a Behind-the-scenes perspective on the event: enjoy cultural exchange through music, dance, and conversation with event headliners--who are also members of MMRD!

  • Private insider-only workshops in music, dance, and the history of Bachata in the caribbean. 

  • Special group lunches to explore authentic Dominican home-cooking with fellow travelers and staff. 



  • Priority placement with the group at one of the best hotels in Las Terrenas.

  • Choice of shared, independent or penthouse accommodations (space permitting)

  • If you have people you want to stay with, there are options for 1-6 together.

Support from our team

  • A pre-departure briefing, travel preparation & consultation (includes a packing list, spending guide, & other DR travel tips)

  • A neighborhood tour so you can find what you need, and arrange sensible meeting places with the rest of the group

  • 24-hour assistance available in the case of emergencies

  • Expert dance training consultation:

    • Advice on the best dance classes and instructors for your goals

    • Specially arranged private workshops with pre-approved instructors 

  • Knowledgeable & friendly Dominican & American hosts, who will meet with you each day to assist you in the coordination of any special requests or add-on activities, including Spanish lessons, water sports, excursions, massages and more.




4 Day - $199 // 7 Day - $349 // 10 Day - $499

NOTE: The MM Insider Access Package is separate & in addition to the Bachata Paradise package.



I want Insider Access with Lumyr & MetaMovements @ Bachata Paradise

  • Purchase your MM Insider Access Package Below

  • We will then follow up with you to help you purchase the proper pass with Bachata Paradise & to ensure the organizers know to place you with us.

Festival Only

(NO Insider Package)


Use our code for a discount

  • MM4 (4 Day)

  • MM7 (7 Day)

  • MM 10 (10 Day)

Want to experience DR with Lumyr & MetaMovements,

but not interested in all of the Festival?

Let us know in the sign up form! We understand that some travelers would like to participate in only some of the festival activities, & we can work with you to set up the best experience in Las Terrenas! 


We will also coordinate with the organizers of the festival to arrange for your entry to certain activities (i.e. a show or a social) that you may want to attend.

Ready to Join?

Click the Sign Up button to fill out the application & Join the Crew!

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