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Support Carlos Gomez participation in Artist Exchange Program in the U.S.!

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Our love for dance and culture has brought us together. Whether in Cuba and/or the Dominican Republic, we have witnessed some transformative experiences and dreams come true. Some of our most recent travelers have been so inspired that they want to support bringing one of our current artist collective members from the Dominican Republic, Carlos Gomez, to join us in the U.S. this summer. We believe that travelers like you who have experienced first hand the positive and engaging energy that Carlos has, will help us make one of his dreams become a reality - which is to dance with all of us in the U.S. this summer and fall. 


As we begin to research the process to invite Carlos to the States, we have found that there are upfront costs associated with the type of visa needed for the type of exchange we are envisioning. It is a type of visa that Carlos hasn’t applied for before and MetaMovements hasn’t hosted an artist under for past exchange participants. We hope that you can help us cover these costs.  


We currently need to raise a total of $15,000 to cover all expenses, which MetaMovements artists plan to offset through paid contracts, bootcamps, event sponsors, etc. The most important expense is the initial $8000 which we need to raise within the next two weeks in order to proceed. Are you willing and able to help us raise funds to help Carlos cover these expenses through our Artist Exchange Fund?

How we can help Carlos achieve his dream...  

If 10 of us donate $500

legal and visa application fees covered

If 10 of us donate $400:

lodging covered

If 10 of us donate $300:   

meals and living expenses covered

If 10 of us donate $200:   

artist per diem/honorarium covered


If 5 of us donate $100:

airfare, baggage & transfers covered

If 5 of us donate $50:

participation in Boston Salsa Fest covered

If 10 of us donate $25:

dance training opportunities covered

A Gift of $25 or more to the Artist Exchange Fund for Carlos will go a long way!


The following are additional ways to support Carlos and other artists in the collective in the U.S., Cuba and Dominican Republic:

  • Spread the word about MetaMovements Travel Programs

  • Share your MetaMovements Travel Program experience with others

  • Connect us to potential donors to this Artist Exchange Fund

  • Volunteer by helping with coordinated calls to interested travelers

  • Connect us to universities, organizations, companies, businesses, etc that would contract MetaMovements for our services especially during Hispanic Heritage Month (dance and percussion classes, workshops, trainings, event production, performance, dance hosting, etc)


If you are able to either donate to the fund or support us in other ways as stated above, we will be able to make this dream a reality. If we meet the initial goal, we will be able to move forward in the process for Carlos to join us in the United States this summer. We hope you can help us reach this initial $8000 goal!


Thanks in advance,

MetaMovements Artist Collective

2 Ways to Donate!


  • 100% of your donation goes directly towards MetaMovements' Artist Exchange Fund 

  • No Fiscal Sponsorship Fee

  • Donate Directly HERE !  


  • 92% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly towards MetaMovements Community Program- Artist Exchange Fund

  • Fiscal sponsorship fee deducted

  • Donate through Boston Dance Alliance, our fiscal sponsor, HERE!


“I would love to help bring an artist like Carlos to the States. He has lots of energy, knowledge and dancing to share!”



- Francois N. -

"I've had such an amazing travel experience. Can we just pack up Carlos and bring him to Boston?"


- Christine M. -

"Carlos brings a welcoming and contagious energy to every class, outing and social dance!"

- Eli P. -

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