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The Dominican Dance Experience

  • Santo Domingo

  • Las Terrenas




2020- 2021

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Destination : LAS TERRENAS

Dance & Nature


Immerse yourself in the beautiful beaches, countryside and mountains in the hidden paradise of Las Terrenas! Connect to other passionate dancers for fun-filled days and nights of the Bachata, Salsa & Timba you love, plus a little Merengue, Dembow & Cha cha cha!

Dance Like a Local


Spend your days & nights with our team of amazing dancers/instructors from Santo Domingo & Las Terrenas.

Culture & Community 


Experience off-the-beaten path treasures such as a hidden waterfall, a country lunch prepared in the traditional way over a cooking fire, and unique encounters with the people who are preserving them!

Destination : SANTO DOMINGO

Explore the History


Enjoy & learn more about the 16th century architecture and its engaging dance & music scene.

Dance Like a Local


Spend your days & nights with our team of amazing dancers/instructors from Santo Domingo & Las Terrenas.

Culture & Community


Immerse yourself & about daily life on the island directly from our team as you explore Santo Domingo together.

Destination : CABARETE

Adventure Time


Dance fun- Check!

Beach time- Double Check!

Adventure- Off the charts!  Enjoy special adventures from monkey jungles to ziplines, hidden lagoons and more.



Enjoy one of the top beach areas in the world!  Dive into pristine waters that are considered some of the best in the world for water sports & activities!

Fun in the Sun


Let the good times roll!  Extend your stay and explore all the hidden gems the island has to offer.

In compliance with the advice of local, state, and federal entities -- our in-person events and trips were all postponed or canceled.  Now that MA is in Phase 3 of its re-opening plan, we've started in-person classes outdoors following safety guidelines, and if you are in Boston, we welcome you to join us!  You can also dance and learn with us virtually, no matter where you are!  


Check out our current services page to see how you can join us in-person and online… and stay tuned for what’s next as re-opening continues in Boston and beyond.


You can be sure that as it becomes possible, we'll be back to doing what we love: traveling, hosting events & classes, and entertaining!  Stay on our mailing list to be the first to know when things will be happening  :)


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